Ok, that homepage photo is a bit grim.

But after all, this website promotes my novel, a dystopia- A Greater Good. And this website features my original musical compositions, complete with dissonance and blues notes.

And so… grim.

But those who know me, know me as a person with a bizarre sense of humour, not at all a stranger to laughter. And I live with a profound awareness of the role of gratitude in building a healthy day to day life perspective. And love: I hope others feel it pours out of me toward them in the same way that I feel it in my heart.

So the details. Well, I guess you would say that I am in it for the long game. My wife and I share a marriage of well over four decades. We have both had long careers in the provision of human services. At this stage of our lives we are pursuing artistic endeavours. Family life is rich and fulfilling with my two sons (both of whom are emergency responders) and the wonderful young women they have brought into our family. Then there are grandchildren full of energy and excitement as they engage the world and relationship with us.

The home my wife and I share is graced by a rescue dog named Marley.

Then there is the 40+ years I have worked in the mental health industry. A registered psychologist since 1982. I have worked in both provincially funded mental health programs and private practice. I have had the privilege of supervising into the profession 30 or so psychologists at the outset of their careers.

To understand more about me, read the novel. I am each one of those characters – well, except for the villains. Or maybe, I am a bit of the villains too! If you want to know what it feels like to live inside my mind, listen to the music. All of those blues and dissonant notes depict my emotional experience as I navigate this world. Celebrate them with me for there is a beauty in them too. In fact, reflecting on it, that is where real beauty is.